Powerful Cooling, heating &
Climate Control System JUST FOR YOUR BED

Get the best sleep of your life

The BedJet gives your bed that toasty hot towel just out of the dryer feeling in under 3 minutes or cools you off under the sheets in just seconds, all from your bedside remote control

Do you dread getting into a chilly winter bed?  Do you find yourself getting into bed wearing layers of pajamas, heavy socks and a sweater, just to avoid the chill of the sheets while the bed slowly warms up?  Thirty minutes later, do you feel like your feet still aren't warm enough even under a heavy comforter?

The BedJettransforms those unhappy winter moments into the delightful sensation of the summer sun on your skin, or the feeling of a hot towel just out of the dryer wrapped around you.  Invented by an ex-NASA spacesuit engineer, the BedJet provides on-demand ultra rapid hot and toasty pre-heating for your bed in just 3 minutes all via a wireless remote or the optional smartphone app.  The 3 to 10 minute auto shutoff lets you know your bedding has been fully heated by more than 30 degrees over room temperature.  Take those socks off, it's pure pleasure on your feet.

Use the powerful BedJet cooling feature
during warm seasons when you are stuffy
under those blankets.   Press the cooling

button on the remote and the BEDJET

instantly disperses built-up body heat and

moisture with a dry and refreshing room
temperature breeze in between the sheets

and over your body.  Damp sweats and hot

flashes no more. 

This is not an electric blanket nor a simple bedroom fan.  It's a durable and quiet high-tech forced air heating, cooling and climate control system that blows directly into your bedding.  It has 15 times the power and speed of an electric blanket and will cool you faster than any room air conditioner.  It also has 10 times the power of any water based bed heating system.  The BedJet represents the most advanced technology ever developed for bedding climate control.

It's Your bed.  Reinvented to become one of the most delightful places in your home

ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS: Shipping in Dec 2014

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  • Works with all size beds: King, Queen, Double, Twin
  • Sets up in minutes
  • No modification to your existing bed
  • Works with your existing sheets and bedding
  • Safest alternative to electric blankets because it keeps the electricity out of your bed
  • Turn down your home heating or air conditioning by just a few degrees and BEDJET pays for itself in one year, operates for under a dollar a month 
  • SAFE: ETL listing to highest safety standards

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