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Climate Control System JUST FOR YOUR BED

Electric blankets can't cool you off.  But let's take a look at how well they can keep you warm: try Good Houskeeping's Research Institute reviews on the best electric blankets hereAccording to GH, electric  blankets can take up to one hour to raise the temperature of the bed by 20 degrees F.    The BedJet raises the bedding temperature of a king sized bed by 30 degrees F in just minutes, operating at 10-15x the speed of any electric blanket or electric mattress pad technology on the market.  This enables a quick bed pre-heat just minutes before you get into bed. 

The Electric Blanket Institute tells us the the average electric blanket puts out less than 200 watts of heating power, and some portion of this energy is emitted to the top side of the blanket into the bedroom.  The BedJet provides 1500 watts of safe, dry heating power, nearly 100% of which goes straight into your bedding.   The temperature of the hot air from the BedJet is safe, at approximately the same temperature as your household HVAC central air heating register. 

Many electric blankets aren't reliable after repeated washings or have very special washing and drying instructions that must be followed.  The BedJet works with your existing bedding and sheets, you can wash them any time you like.  

Electric blankets have embedded wires which you can feel and these wires can be chewed on by pets or damaged by children and sharp objects.  Take a look at the IR camera image of a brand new blanket purchased from a major department store after 45 minutes on "Hi" setting. The wires do not provide even heating as shown by the IR camera compared to the BedJet's even IR heating profile above.   Older electric blankets cause hundreds of fires a year from wires in the bed just like this. 

Finally, we at the BedJet Company are not enthusiastic about having live electricity in the bed of any kind, or sleeping all night bathed in electromagnetic fields from electrical wires just millimeters from our bodies.  With the BedJet, all the electricity is kept well outside the bed where it belongs.     

Electric blankets were once the best and most efficient products available for warming of your bed.  with the release of the BEDJET, you now have a better technology option.     

heating and cooling for your bed

Luxury automobile manufacturers have spent decades perfecting miniaturized heating and air conditioning systems mounted inside car seats that provide indulgent comfort for driving.  Yet when it comes to our beds, where we spend 30% of our lives, there is an abysmal lack of technology innovation for staying perfectly warm or cool in the sheets.  It's always the same old electric blanket, same old space heater, same old room air conditioner or room fan.   Or even worse, having to raise or lower the whole house thermostat 

The BedJet was developed in 2013 to bring the most advanced technology available to rapidly heat and cool the part of the bedroom that matters the most when you are there: your space between the sheets. 

The BedJet sits next to or under the foot of your bed and sends forced hot or cool air in between your top and bottom sheets via a small unobtrusive air duct anchored at the bottom corner of the bed.   The bedside wireless remote control or optional smartphone app activates the heat or cool function.   

Once activated, the patent pending and precisely tuned blower, ducting system and outlet nozzle operate at a very specific air pressure to create a scientifically magical event in your bedding.  The BedJet quietly generates a small cushion of turbulent air between the upper and lower bedsheets that lifts the top bedding off the bed by a few inches. This tenting effect on the bedding combined with the turbulent air flow enables BedJet air to permeate throughout the entire sleeping area and provide even heating or cooling.  

Watch BedjeT's Turbulent HOT Air layer on the INFRA RED CAMERA: 30 degree F BEDDING temperature rise in 3 minutes

See how the bedjet works

new electric blanket

45 minutes on hi setting: INFRA RED CAMERA

BEDJET vs. electric blankets: Can i do some of thAT with an electric blanket?

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It's a simple delight to be under while running.  For heating, activate the BedJet three to five minutes before getting into bed to achieve a 30 degrees F bedding pre-heat, or use it for short bursts while already in bed.  For cooling, turn the BedJet on while in bed.  No other device on the market can raise or lower the temperature of your bedding as quickly.  And yes, it's quiet, the Bedjet emits much less noise than a room air conditioner.